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Retail crime is a huge issue for the retail sector - costing the nation an estimated $1 billion a year in losses. Ultimately, these costs are borne by consumers, so it's in everyone's interests to be working together to get crime under control.

We are particularly concerned that criminals are becoming increasingly organised, brazen and violent. We don't want to see retail employees or customers put at risk by criminal behaviour.

Our goal is to reduce retail crime, by working in partnership with our members, the Police, and other organisations with an interest in crime prevention; and for there to be real consequences for those involved in retail crime.

We're calling for the Government to adopt a three point action plan for change, including:

  • funding a Retail Crime Taskforce within the Police, and setting clear targets for retail crime reduction;
  • funding a social change programme to change attitudes towards crime and anti-social behaviour; and
  • introducing a new infringement notice penalty for low-value offending.

In general, our advice for retailers is to:


Review your security. Have you got cameras and clear lines of sight to the street?


Train your team. Make sure everyone knows what to do in the event of a robbery


Communicate with other retailers and the Police. Know what's going on around you.

Retail Crime Guide:

Retail NZ has prepared a comprehensive guide with advice about preventing and managing the risks of crime. It's free for Retail NZ members ( or $95 Plus GST for non-members) so get your copy today by emailing