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Surviving the post-summer dip

Not only has Christmas come and gone, but another New Zealand summer will be winding down before we know it. Retailers know that the Christmas period-coupled with high tourist season and good weather-is the time of year where peak sales targets for the year are achieved.


Another big Christmas

While the hospitality sector does see growth during this time, it doesn't mean Kiwis are only spending money eating and drinking out. In fact, it is actually the food, grocery stores and liquor stores who are benefiting from Kiwis loosening their purse strings at Christmas time.


Making the most of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion active users each month. If you're not already on Instagram or lack a digital presence, this is a great place to start.


Christmas is coming...

We know that retailers globally are preparing for Christmas earlier than ever and this trend is no different here in New Zealand.


The future of customer service.

The future of customer service in retail depends heavily on investment. Money talks, and in the case of customer service, money in the customer experience is what helps convert a sale. Retailers who invest in improving and developing the customer experience are forward thinkers...


Technology and retail

For those in the tech industry, retail is full of opportunity for new innovation as well as improvements of current technologies that make shopping convenient and enjoyable for consumers. For retailers, these new technologies are opportunities to elevate their business to the next level.


What does the future of housing mean for the future of retail?

Where we live is a critical factor in determining where and how we shop, therefore the future of retail and the future of housing are inextricably linked.


Be everywhere - music distribution's lessons for retail

Music distribution seems to be coming to the end of a long and disruptive period of change. What lessons can retailers take from the dramatic changes that this industry has undergone?


Looking to 2020: Part 1

Ethical shopping, brand loyalty, individuality and global thinking - who are the next majority of shoppers and how well do you know them?


Looking to 2020: Part 2

There will be changes on high street as stores develop themselves to become more integrated parts of their communities.


Looking to 2020: Part 3

Omni-Channel, digital presence and shoppers' expectations. For many businesses now, an online presence is not an extra feature of service or point of difference - customers simply expect businesses to be online.


Putting customer convenience at the heart of everything

With the increasing dominance of online shopping and Amazon knocking at our door, it might seem like the lowest price is the only question in a customer's mind.


Down the track - railways' lessons for retail

More than a century ago, railways were critical to the development of New Zealand as a nation and were a key part of our national infrastructure.


The retail world is changing

There was a time, not so long ago, that shoppers had a personal relationship with the retailers on their high streets. They knew the families they served by name, their families, and their interests.