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Networking & AGM Breakfast

Date:   Tuesday 11 November, 2014

Time:   7:30am - 10:30am      Breakfast will be served on arrival

Venue: Lyell Creek Room      Alexandra Park, Greenlane West, Auckland

Tickets: $45 per person         Register here

                             Or sponsor a table for your staff or customers

Sponsorship: Table of 10, tickets $450 per table      Register here

Guest Speaker: Ian Jones      Sponsored by OfficeMax

This is a must attend meeting for you to have input and discussion with your fellow members on challenges within the sporting goods industry and to have your say in how your industry association can be more relevant to your business in the challenging times ahead.



Chairman's Report for AGM 2013

It is quite some time since I last wrote one of these and didn't expect to be writing another but as they say there is no fool like an old fool.

I would like to thank Adrian Farnsworth our past Chairman for his efforts on behalf of the NZSIA. Adrian was very active in debating the de minimis and GST issues with Government and anyone else who he could get to listen. We have an enthusiastic Board made up of Pat Williams, Dean Eagar, Ben Tuck, Mike Shepherd, Mark Carter and our latest addition, Chris Brittain. The Board has always tried to further the Sports Industry and will continue to pursue matters concerning our future.

Fifteen 25 year service certificates, three 40 year service certificates and one 50 year certificate were awarded this past year which goes to prove what a great industry we are all part of.

I would also like to thank Kathleen Maunsell and Russell Sinclair from the New Zealand Retailers Association for their efforts on our behalf.

The issue of de minimis and GST on private imports has been a major concern over the past couple of years and with a sterling effort from John Albertson of the NZRA, the Honorable Maurice Williamson, Minister of Customs, has commisssioned the IRD, Treaury and Customs to do a study on how to collect the GST on overseas purchases under $400.00.

David Denton along with Pat Williams put a very good proposal to Deb Hurdle of Community Sport and Recreation for funding to run a nationwide Take a Kid Fishing campaign, unfortunately this was not successful. However David Denton has this month made an application to Mr Peter Miskimmins, CEO of Sport New Zealand, for consideration.

The NZSIA made a donation to FISHinFUTURE as they are endeavouring to be the go-to-group for the recreational fishing sector. As I prepare this report the proposed changes to Snapper 1 are being debated at meetings from North Auckland to Whakatane. This is a very hot topic and depending on the outcome, could have drastic effects on the recreational fishing businesses. I trust everyone has put in a submission on these proposed changes.

During the past year the Board has worked on a number of other issues which include:

  • looking at updating the airgun pamphlet
  • gathering information on excessive fees and subs charged by clubs to lobby for reductions
  • met with the Ministry of Justice on Knife accord/Knife crime
  • submissions on Arms Amendment Bill
  • gas appliance regulations and
  • Mountain Safety Council Take a Kid Camping

Research carried out by Neilsen for NZRA indicated that networking is wanted by members, however after trying to get members to attend area meetings without success we will have to go back to the drawing board. If there are any good suggestions out there please let us know. The South Island Golf Day has been an ongoing successful event but try as we may we are unable to recreate this in the North Island.

I look forward to working further on such issues over the next year as I have made myself available for re-election as Chairman. However if there is anybody here dying to do the job.....

Jay Marshall




The Chairmanís Thoughts 2012


Consumers continue to be driven to hunt for deals and discounts online. For many consumers, this has now become a game; the excitement of chasing a deal and the perceived control of extracting the last dollar discount possible is almost more important to them than the goods themselves.

For those who are expected to lead retailing in the Sports Industry and continue sponsorship and brand marketing, whilst maintaining a profitable and sustainable business, it is becoming harder.

We must accelerate the technical knowledge of our sales staff and continue to develop the reasons why the consumer must value the expert knowledge and professional service, which comes from dealing face to face as opposed to a  computer screen and the unknown.

For those of us that are working hard for our Industry and the quest to keep retailing fair and honest, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a very successful 2012.

Adrian Farnsworth