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Good information is essential to making good business decisions

Here at Retail NZ we're working to empower our members with insights into retail markets in New Zealand and overseas that will help them take their businesses further.

We publish the quarterly Retail Radar report which brings together the results of our survey of retailer sentiment and key statistics from the official Retail Trade Survey.

We also publish an annual retail Wages Survey which provides up to date guidance on average wages rates for 21 retail specific positions by merchandise, turnover and region.

There are a number of other useful sources of information, here's a few we recommend:

  • Westpac Quarterly Economic Overview - a quarterly publication from our partners at Westpac that provides in-depth economic outlook, comment on topical issues and economic forecasts.
  • Retail Trade Survey - a quarterly survey that measures New Zealand retail sales and stock levels by industry and region. The information provides short-term economic indicators for the sector. It is also used to compile important national indicators such as GDP.
  • Electronic Card Transactions - a survey of the number and value of electronic card transactions with New Zealand-based merchants. The survey includes EFTPOS, debit, credit, and charge card transactions. Like the Retail Trade Survey, transactions by New Zealanders overseas (such as online purchases from offshore retailers) are excluded. However, transactions by overseas cardholders in New Zealand are included.
  • Business Demography Statistics - an annual report on businesses in all sectors, including retail trade. It includes information on the total number of enterprises, new businesses (births), business that cease to trade (death) and business survival rates. You can also find out about business types (such as overseas ownership), and business size. There is also some high level data in this report about employee counts.
  • Infoshare and NZ.Stat - two useful interactive tools that help users navigate a range of Statistics NZ data, including the Retail Trade Survey, Electronic Card Transactions and Business Demographic Statistics.
  • Market Mapper - this online tool uses census data to help businesses understand where their target market is located. You can find information about age, gender, ethnic group, income, and household composition in a geographical area.
  • Industry Profiler - another online tool that helps small-to-medium sized businesses (0-19 employees) compare themselves with others in the same region and industry.
  • Import and export data - detailed information about the volume and value of imports, exports and re-exports which is fully searchable by country.
  • BNZ Marketview Online Retail Sales Index - monthly and quarterly updates on New Zealand online retail sales, including information about spending with international merchants.