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Who are we?

BIANZ is a non-profit trade association of specialty bicycle retailers, with supporting membership from wholesalers. BIANZ is a specialist trade section operated under the umbrella of Retail NZ. The BIANZ Executive is composed entirely of elected active cycle retailers and wholesalers who give their time for the quarterly meetings, at which all executive decisions are taken, on a voluntary basis. Where a particular area of expertise is needed, appropriate persons are asked to report to the Board, on a one-off or continued basis, according to the nature of the project.

BIANZ is involved in the raising of retail and technical standards in the cycle trade, with a key role in the training of individuals in the industry, as well as exerting an important influence over the setting of the standards.

Our objective is to provide a national organisation for retailers, manufacturers, importers and distributors in order to develop the retail cycle industry in New Zealand.

Who can join BIANZ?

Membership is open to any New Zealand based company, or overseas company represented in New Zealand, involved in the retailing and wholesaling of bicycles or cycling accessories.

How can I join BIANZ?

Membership is by approval of application by the BIANZ Executive Committee, and by payment of an annual subscription fee.

For details, phone or email our Trade Group Administrator:

P: 027 265 1380