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Unlock your business potential

Harness the power of data-driven decision making to grow your business with Paydar, an insights dashboard designed especially for New Zealand retailers.

Why choose Paydar?

Paydar utilises Paymark transactional data from over 140,000 EFTPOS terminals around New Zealand, along with weather, tourism and review data to provide retailers with insight into their customers, competitive performance and the factors contributing to their business growth.

To get started with what Paydar can do for your business, we're offering Retail NZ members a free customer dashboard so you can see exactly who your customers are - their demographics, what they buy, and where they come from within New Zealand and overseas.

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With Paydar you can understand:

  • How your sales are changing, and why - identify the key impacts affecting your revenue change over time, with the ability to compare between time periods on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Who your customers are, and where they come from - understand your customer demographics, what they buy, and where they come from within New Zealand and overseas.
  • Who your real competitors are and how you perform against them - see how you compare against your competitors on key factors such as revenue, basket size, and number of returning customers.
  • What your customers do before and after visiting your store and how to use this to your advantage - learn whether your customers visit your site as part of a shopping trip or in isolation, and what types of places they visit before and after so you can capture more business.
  • How different store locations work together as a network to grow sales - discover which of your locations work well within your larger network, and how to maximise the transition between each site.