Spacious, stylish serviced apartments set in convenient locations across New Zealand provide all you need to rest and recharge, at a price that honours the partnership between Quest and Retail NZ. ...


Westpac's long partnership with Retail NZ to support the growth of New Zealands retail industry provides our members with a range of special deals including...
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Easter Sunday Trading

In August 2016 the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 was amended, and resulted in three key changes...

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Hallenstein Glasson Holdings has posted a record yearly profit for the end of the financial year, boasting an increase in profit of $9.2 million that stands in contrast to its alarming profit drop ...
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As shopping shifts more towards an online presence we would expect impulse buying to decrease as physical temptations are hidden, but according to recent statistics, it is quite the opposite.

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Each year New Zealand’s retail sector loses $1 billion thanks to retail crimes and shoplifters. Now, Retail New Zealand is putting a call to arms towards to government to help prevent these crimes.
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